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'''Keith Moseley''' (born February 5, 1965) is an United States|American musician and songwriter, who plays bass guitar among other instruments for The String Cheese Incident, a jamband from Boulder, Colorado, of which he was a founding member. He has written and provides vocals for a number of songs for the band, including "Resume Man", "Joyful Sound" and "Sometimes a River". Before he was with the String Cheese Incident, Moseley played guitar in the band Whiskey Creek Warriors, which played around the Colorado ski scene. Moseley plays primarily a Lakland 55-94 and a Modulus Genesis 5. However, he also played a Modulus Quantum, Lakland Hollowbody, Eminence upright bass and a Fender Precision bass on the much lower key in the post-String Cheese Incident gigs. Moseley for most of his String Cheese Incident days used SWR amps and Goliath 4x10 cabinets, but in later years has played through Ampeg SVT-4 Pro with 6x10 cabinets. He...
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